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D.I.Y. Monograms, Initials & More

Monograms at the local art store range from $10-15! If you are a woodworker you could take the extra step of cutting out the letters yourself, but that takes expensive tools and a lot more effort. You're better off buying the plain wooden shapes for about $2 a piece from any craft store.

Choose your letters or shapes and then can buy additional decorations to adorn them with, or use random leftover supplies from other projects. The shapes come totally raw or primed for your convenience.

In my project, I purchased the primed letters and used paint markers and scraps from faux plants I had and some charms.

For less than $2 and 20 minutes you can keep the leftover $8-13 in your pocket or grab a well deserved treat for your efforts. This one made the perfect addition to the dessert table I created for this baby shower with baby Violet on the way!

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