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Growing your own food can be fun and easy. You don't need a lot of space and you can even grow plants in sunny windows or on a back patio if you don't have access to a backyard or garden space. No matter what or how you do it just get growing!

Urban Oasis

& Ghetto Gardening

Here at Live Decent we are always advocating for sustainable living, building and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits & minimizing our carbon footprint by consuming less. Part of this mission is growing, preparing and preserving our own foods.

Many people living in urban environments with little to no land or living on low incomes believe this is not possible or have simply never imagined growing their own herbs and foods. We are here to show you the way.

No worries if you have a small apartment or a small budget (or even with no extra money), anyone can grow enough food to have a fresh salad a few days a week or fresh herbs for seasonings and medicinal purposes. There are many growing tips, ideas and projects that even the blackest thumb can do with success.

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Re-Purposed To Planter

Large Pots on the Cheap

Use old laundry baskets or purchase from dollar stores for very affordable large pots. Simply line with landscaping fabric or old burlap sacks and fill with compost. Great for large plants like melons and tomatoes.

Botanical Garden
Indoor Growing

Marketing Executive

Just because the weather outside isn't always great for growing doesn't mean you can't keep producing your own fresh food. You can grow herbs in tiny pots by a southern faced window all year round or if you have the space you can go full indoor grow with grow lights and hydroponics for all year round salad from your own garden.

    Wild Berries

    Free Food Grows All Around Us

    Depending on where you live there will be hundreds of potential wild edible plants growing all around you in abandoned fields and public parks. Be sure to avoid plants on paths or where dogs are walked and NEVER eat anything you haven't 100% positively identified it. Download an app to make indentification a breeze.

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