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Being responsible for the condition of your community and your environment can simply mean that you are capable of improving things. Organizing neighbors to clean up your block or up-cycle dumped tires into planters for wildflowers.. the possibilities to build a decent life are endless and are limited only by our willingness to work, grow & build together.

Wood Furniture
Re-Purposing Objects

Furniture Ideas

Old Cable Spools, Pallets & Wooden Crates all make great starters for new purposes. Make tables, raised garden beds, outdoor furniture, storage bins & whatever you can dream up.

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Up-Cycled Cardboard
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Bulletin/Vision Board

Save a thick piece of cardboard from a box and upholster and decorate it to your tastes and needs. Use scrap fabrics and old pins and knick-knacks. All you need is a glue gun and a vision.

Up-Cycled Laundry Powder Pail

Suggestion Box

All those plastic pails & metal tins from laundry soaps, teas & coffees can be repurposed into coin banks, jewelry boxes, suggestion boxes and organizers for craft and sewing supplies such as buttons and beads. Next time you have an empty one, rescue it from the trash dump and make it itno something wonderful.

    Mutual Aid Farmstand

    Marketing Executive

    Build a pantry from old pallets or use old milk crates to create a storage unit and place outside your home. Invite your neighbors and friends to put any non-perishable items and household supplies inside for a free mutual aid 'store' anyone can access.

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