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Building a Table


"Jack of ALL trades master of none, often times BETTER than master of ONE." Having many skills and talents is the best way to ensure your ability to always be able to take care of yourself and help others. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to get to work learning and doing new things to get any obstacle or job done!

D.I.Y. Home Repair

Tutorials & Project Ideas

Everyday house maintenance can seem daunting and hiring a handyman for every little malfunction can be quite expensive.


However, most basic repairs and projects around the home are pretty easy and inexpensive to tackle yourself all while still managing to keep your manicure in tact (sometimes).


Some topics and projects to watch for:

  • Tools that are a must to keep around the house

  • How to properly use common hand and power tools

  • Common home issues and how to fix them such as sealing drafty doors and windows, how to install a dishwasher or replacing a toilet wax ring

  • Making useful items and furniture from up-cycled materials and trash: raised bed pallet garden, tire chairs, greenhouses from windows and plastic and much more

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