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Stuffed Red Peppers

This is a classic dish that I put a vegan spin for a healthier take. Serves 4.


4 bell peppers (red, orange and yellow are sweeter and less bitter than green)

1 package or 1 cup chopped seitan or vegan sausage crumbles

Cooked rice, quiñoa or barley

Vegan cheese shreds


Coconut, olive or sunflower oil

Taco Seasoning


1. Cut tops off peppers (reserve) and remove seeds.

2. Place a small bit of oil in bottom of peppers (1/2 tsp or less).

3. Season rice or other grain along with seitan or crumbles with taco seasoning and salt & pepper to taste.

4. Layer rice, cheese and seitan inside of peppers filling them up with rice on the bottom.

5. Drizzle a bit more oil on top and cover with reserved pepper tops.

6. Bake at 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until peppers are soft and filling is hot and steaming. 7. You may then top with vegan cheese sauce (recipe in this section) and sprinkle with cilantro or you may top with chopped lettuce tomatoes and vegan sour cream.

8. Serve immediately.

**These can also be prepped in advance and frozen. You can cook directly from the freezer for a fast no hassle 20 minute lunch or dinner option. YUMM!

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