The B.F.C. Club

Budget Betty, Frugal Fran & Cheap Charles

Imagine if Budget Betty, Frugal Fran & Cheap Charles were all BFFs, the financial advantages and savings would be magical! Well you don't have to imagine it, it's right here in The B.F.C. Club and everyone is invited to apply but only the truly committed Betties, Frans & Charlies will make the cut! Here you will learn how to make the absolute best out of your paycheck and create financial responsibility and stability where you thought there was no hope to pinching any more of those hard earned pennies.


Earn Free Gift Cards

Companies such as Target® and Family Dollar® are always offering coupons in the store & local circulars advertising for $5-10 free gift card with purchase of a certain amount of hair products or certain brands like Keurig®. A sure thing around the holidays are companies like Panera Bread® & A.C. Moore® to name a couple that offer instant free $10 gift cards when you buy $50 in gift cards. Get these deals at stores you frequent and its free easy money for yourself or free gifts for someone else!

Frugal Family Meals

A cheap way to feed a family of 6-12 people for $50 is to order a gift deal from one of those steak companies online or dessert for the entire family from a company that sells holiday baskets with tarlets, jams and cookies at a discount. These are great around the holidays when you may have more people over than you expected.

Budgeting in Dining Out

Plan out your monthly date nights or nights you may want to dine out including delivery. If there are special events in your city like "restaurant week" you can plan around those to save you money. Another way of course are coupons and daily deals like happy hour 1/2 price apps. Many restaurants have email clubs you can join to earn points toward free desserts and apps with purchases or for your birthday each year.

Redecorating Deals

If your in desperate need for a living room make over but have almost no money in the budget never fear Frugal Fran is here! Be flexible in your color choices and you can redesign your space with under $500. Look for "Ooops" paints at your local hardware stores that got returned. A gallon of paint can be marked down to as little as $5 from $35. Or you can shop at discount stores like Ross® & Home Goods® for accent chairs, tables, mirrors, art etc. then choose paint to match what you found.

Smart Living & Shopping

For those of you who aren't familiar with Aldi you are surely missing out. Although Aldi is a leading contender in healthy foods (no artificial flavors or colors, preservatives or GMO's), each location has at least 1 aisle dedicated to housewares and home goods. This section is dubbed Aldi Finds and you can really find some great products at amazing prices! I found a gazebo with netting for my deck for $119 and a deck box for $40 which sell for $219 and $99 at Walmart & Home Depot!

Space & Budget Constraints?

If you're in need of a place to store your important papers and a work desk but are limited on space you can make one with minimal effort and cost. If you don't have an old filing cabinet and some old desk legs laying around you can easily grab them at your local thrift store for a few bucks. A scrap piece of plywood or glass and you can have a 2 in 1 storage desk with locking drawers for security of your personal things. Total cost: free- $15