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Nontraditional nonprofit & lifestyle brand dedicated to

helping you live happy, live free & live decent.

Empowering the Community & Creating a Space for Decent Living

Our mission is to provide the encouragement and tools necessary to uplift people who are underprivileged, disenfranchised or otherwise in need of a little support or motivation to Live Happy, Live Free & Live Decent!

Community Garden



Self-sufficiency is required to ultimately have a decent life. One must have many skills and as much knowledge as possible to navigate through the many challenges in life. We offer workshops & videos  promoting growing food, sewing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, mechanics and much more. Re-purposing, recycling, eating a mostly plant based diet, communal living & mutual aid are all examples of how you can improve your community & the environment and with many skill sets you can always be prepared to make something better & improve your life & the lives of those around you



 Superheroes in movies always have some extraordinary physical ability like laser vision or super speed but in real life its not that complicated. Either way all heroes have one thing in common, they do what's decent and act to help someone else who needs it. We all need strong communities. Sometimes we need help and sometimes we can offer help to others and when we bond together we will thrive together so everyone gets what they need.

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